Task Management

Because sometimes there's just more on that to-do list than you can possibly do, all at one time, and all by your lonesome.

Where are you in your day right now? How much of that massive to-do list did you accomplish so far and how much is left on it? Oh and we're not just talking the paper list. There's the list you have written down, the list in your head that didn't make it to paper yet, and then there's all the stuff you'd like to be doing instead of the stuff on the list- right? Let's talk about the stuff you don't want to do and don't have time for. Our task management program, part of our virtual productivity center, is here to take the chaos away so you can skip right to the good stuff.

Meet Our Task Management Team

Shannan Williams

Shannan comes with 10 years dedicated to providing top notch support to top producing Real Estate Agents. She has worked with 3 award-winning teams, all in the top 10% of REALTORS® in their area, handling the marketing, daily office administration, and transaction coordination. Shannan is licensed in British Columbia, Canada and has extensive experience with social media marketing, website and blog maintenance, internet marketing, pay per click ad campaigns, mail campaigns, cloud computing and many different CRM and lead generating programs. She is an expert at taking agents and their teams to the next level by systemizing their business and creating office systems.

Judy Bonsignore

Judy spent 26 years with SunTrust Bank Operations. Her most recent position was Vice President of Internal Control which put her in charge of state and federal law/regulation compliance for all SunTrust Banks in the state of Florida. Afterwards, she spent 13 years managing a large top-selling and award-winning real estate team, managing all aspects of team business, monitoring agent accountability, performing all administrative tasks, and maintaining the team's financials. Judy is extremely meticulous and detail-oriented, highly focused, and well-organized. 

Christele Joseph

Born in Haiti, Christele migrated to the US when she was 3 yrs old. She has a Master's Degree in Business with a Minor in Creative Writing, and a Florida Real Estate License. She is extremely creative and enjoys marketing and design work that helps to build your business. Christele is experienced in various social media platforms, with creative design tools such as Canva, and a plethora of imagination to share in helping you create your own brand. Quality, service, personability, passion and excellence is simply all just a part of who she is. She loves helping people create marketing materials and coming up with new and unique ways to help them stand out! 

Henry Simanek

Henry is the Productive Souls in-house videographer and video editor. What he does for us, he can also do for you. With 5 years of experience under his belt, he's the one who ensures all our videos for our coaching modules have the "cover" page and smoothly segue into the video and finish nicely. If we have any music to add or screenshots to mash in or notes to add on the screen, he gets those all in perfectly too.

Emmalyn Simanek

"Emmie" actually handles a few functions for us here at Productive Souls and is an incredibly talented digital artist with 4 years of experience. She edits photos quickly and beautifully, making colors pop, and smoothing out any blemishes. She also creates the custom hand drawn artwork for our logo t-shirts and merchandise. You may also find her greeting you in our welcome center from time to time.  

Kererra Williams

Kererra brings out the beauty in the details. She's a graphic and web designer from Vancouver, Canada who is ever focused on the user experience. She's noticed time and time again how intuitive design and proper marketing influence everyday life. She is all about appreciating the subtleties of design, recognizing the beauty in the details, and remembering that it's not just how the design looks but how it feels that truly matters.


How We Can Help You Get It ALL Done


 Marketing Mail-Out Campaigns


Pop-By Planning

Event Planning

Opt-in Design

Quiz Creation

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Group Content Plan Creation

Web Design & Maintenance

Landing Pages


Google Ad Word Campaigns

Drip Campaigns

Farming Campaigns

Recruiting Campaigns

Photo/Video Editing

Print Design & Marketing




Business Cards




 Lead Management

CRM Database Maintenance

Complete CRM Setup

Contact Export/Back-up

Send Client Cards/Gifts

Workflow Templates/Checklists

Expense Tracking/Bookkeeping

Answer Phones

Setup Virtual Office

Virtual Office Meet & Greet

Schedule Meetings

Setup Auto-Scheduling System

Setup Client Process Automation

Real Estate Specific

Listing Management & Coordination

MLS Data Entry/Photo/Doc Uploads

Write Compelling Listing Copy

Setup of Key Codes, Text Codes, QR Codes

Posting Open House Information

Stale Listing Refresh

Seller Reports

Buyer Search Setup

Transaction Coordination/Management




 Book Professional Services

Make Appointments

Book Travel

Research and Reporting

Setup or Cancel Services

Place Orders

Preliminary Interviews of Service Providers

Get Quotes for Service

Make Reservations

Gift Shopping/Add To Cart

Personal Budget Creation

Personal Schedule Creation

Meal Planning

Check Emails

Make Calls

Anything you don't see listed here but you still need done? Just ask. We racked our brains to come up with a solid list but just cause it's not here, doesn't mean we can't do it. 

We Work With All These Systems and More

How It Works

Work with us as-needed or on a monthly membership basis.

Monthly membership means you are billed at a lower hourly rate and are charged once per month for your chosen number of hours. Memberships are available with a 10 hour monthly minimum and can be set for any number of additional hours you choose with any unused hours rolling over into the next month. Any additional hours used (above your membership allotment) will be billed at the as-needed rate. You can cancel your membership any time. 


Ready to get started or learn more?


Just visit us online in our virtual productivity center, open Monday - Friday, from 9:00am - 5:00pm Eastern, or give us a call at 855-736-2627. We'll be happy to discuss your needs, answer all your questions, create a membership plan just right for you, and dive right into getting your work done.



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