Support Super Heroes

Because sometimes there's scary stuff on your to-do list... stuff you don't know how to do, don't wanna do, and you don't know who to trust it with.

So, you FINALLY recorded that video... Congrats!!

Now you need to edit the video, add a call-to-action, improve sound quality, and add in that closed captioned text at the bottom. Then when you finally figure out HOW to do all that, you need to create all the copy for the emails and the website that's gonna go around that video. Like... GOOD copy. Lead converting copy. Then you need to get it on your website, published to social media, sent to your mail list, and phew!!! Tired yet?

Wouldn't it be nice to have like your own entrepreneurial league of justice? A band of super heroes whose mission in life is to solve all your business and marketing woes? Like a league of support.

What would you say if we told you... we TOTALLY DID THAT!!

Seriously... we even have the same big table and big screen on the wall.

Meet Your League of Support Super Heroes

Jenny Smiechowski

Jenny is a copywriter who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs develop powerful messaging that attracts kindred spirit clients and creates a flourishing business. She’s trained in conversion copywriting, which means she uses voice-of-customer research and proven copywriting frameworks to create copy that inspires action. If you’re struggling to create marketing messages that make money and stay true to your mission, she’s your gal. She can help with copy for websites, emails, sales pages and more.

Alex Lawson

Alex helps find the most engaging footage and edits it in a way that is most compelling for your clients. He excels in adding smooth transitions, selecting the right background music, cleaning up video and audio clips, all in a timely manner. Alex can advise you on how to film better video, use better lighting, sound recording, camera placement, and much more. Alex can help you shine on camera and tell your story with compelling short videos that attract your ideal clients to you.

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Cori Ochoa

Cori excels in helping creatives & entrepreneurs create cost-conscious, fast, and effective websites and online marketing plans that feel authentic, are on brand, and speak directly to your target market. She is dedicated to showing you that online marketing doesn't have to be an overwhelming headache- but can be simple, organic, and even fun! She works with people one-on-one through website design, brand coaching, and marketing consulting.

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Mary Nahallah

Mary is an analytical MBA and a creative problem-solver who puts her heart into helping entrepreneurs grow to their full potential. She repurposes and refines content, designs graphics, supports back-end systems, updates Squarespace Sites and more. She’s an authentic, relationship-focused partner who believes that no challenge is too big when you combine positive empowerment with strategic trouble-shooting!

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Shannan Williams

Shannan has worked with 3 award-winning teams, all in the top 10% of REALTORS® in their area, handling marketing, daily office admin, and TC over the last 10 years. Licensed in BC, Canada, she has extensive experience with social media, website/blog maintenance, internet marketing, PPC ad campaigns, mail campaigns, and many different CRM and lead gen programs. She's an expert at taking agents and their teams to the next level by systemizing their business.

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Kat Hall

Kat is a reliable, determined, self-sufficient virtual assistant with a passion for supporting life coaches by helping them reclaim their time in order to focus on their zone of genius. She offers general admin, content re-purposing, light graphic design, content creation, social media posting and engagement, and podcast pitching.

How It Works

Work With Your League of Support Super Hero in Our Productivity Center

Each of the Support Super Heroes listed here are independent and have their own programs, services, and fees. Visit them live in our 3D Productivity Center where you can discuss your mission, get feedback on a mission you need help with, or assign them a mission to begin working on.


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