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Productivity prompts is a monthly, weekly, and daily list of prompts designed to kick the chaos out of your life and bring in all the positive ju-ju that makes life and work amazing!

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The Key to True and Consistent Productivity

Productivity is rooted in emotion. Ya know what that means? That every little thing you do and think is gonna determine how you perform out in the world.

 What you eat and drink? Yup...

 What you feel and think? Yup...

 Time spent with others? Yup...

 Time spent alone? Yup...

 How about the environment around you being clean vs. messy? Yup...

 How you sleep? Yup...

 How you move your body? Yup...

 Even your spiritual practice? Yup...

 How about how you spend your money? Yup...

 Even the time you spend educating yourself? Yup... ALL of that!

Basically, all the things you know you're supposed to be doing but you just haven't made a priority in your life, are the things that create true and consistent productivity. It's all about how you feel and all those things above are what create the positive emotions and physical energy required to be and stay productive. 

Join Productivity Prompts to get a series of prompts for the month, week, and day that give you a to-do list on all of the above to ensure you get on the productivity track and stay there!

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All the tasks and to-dos, the routines, planning, and more to get you on the productivity track and keep you there!

Productivity Prompts



Monthly, weekly, and daily productivity prompts

Morning and evening routines

Healthy meal planning

Mindset maintenance

Body movement


Family time



Spiritual practice

Financial maintenance

Social time



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