Productive Shopping?

Yes... It's a thing. Check out our personal collection of shops with items designed to help you break through the blocks to productivity.

The Gut Health Shop

Physical and emotional health begins in your gut. Your gut is home to trillions (??!!) of microorganisms that do everything from building up your immune system to improving your mood, to turning your food into energy. Without proper gut health, you may find yourself suffering from any number of health-related ailments, lethargic and feeling physically drained, and struggling with anxiety and/or depression. The good news is, building a healthy gut can repair the damage. Plexus is how Angela creates the gut health she wants. Weed, seed, and feed your way to physical and mental well-being!

Get My Gut in Order!

The Superfood Shop

What you eat and drink affects your energy levels and mood in a BIG way. These superfood mixes are great for detoxing, weight loss, building your immunity, and for everyday energy in a healthy way (i.e. you can ditch that coffee). These are the same mixes Angela uses daily and are available to you through our partnership with Your Super. The best thing about them is they are sweetener free so you can dump them in anything including food recipes, your oatmeal, your water bottle, and of course the good ol' smoothie.

Bring On The New & Improved Healthy Me!

The Wine Shop

How does wine help you be more productive? Well, let's be honest... it doesn't. But if you're going to drink wine, don't wake up the next day feeling awful with a headache and toxins running rampant through your system because that's a sure-fire way to NOT be productive. We offer only clean-crafted wines through our partnership with Scout & Cellar. 

Yup, I Want My Wine To Be Toxin Free!

The Jewelry Shop

All the natural stones you stuff in your pockets and/or bra are now available to you on a handy dandy bracelet or necklace. Form and function. Bonus: these stones were selected because of their specific properties focused on unblocking, de-stressing, kicking the negative, and opening up to confidence and success. Angela had these pieces custom designed by Karlande Designs, Ltd. just for you. 

I'm Ready To Stop Carrying Stones in My Bra & Pockets... Cause They Stab Me and Fall Out.

The Conscious Ink Temporary Tattoo Shop

Have you ever seen the rice experiment where you take two containers of cooked white rice and write positive words on one container and negative words on another and watch the results? How about manifestation exercises where you write positive words and mantras on your hand, arm, or leg? Well Conscious Ink has come up with a wonderful solution to giving you all the power of positive words and images without the pain or permanence of a real life tattoo. I know... awesome right??

Cover Me In Positive Juju!

The Make-Up Shop

What you put on your skin affects your entire body. This company is setting a new standard for cosmetic safety, and ultimately, redefining what it means to be beautiful. They don't sacrifice for performance. Their line of cosmetics perform at the highest level, without the need for toxic ingredients. They are giving beauty a new meaning. They are Crunchi. This is the only make-up Angela uses on her own skin.

I Want Toxin-Free Make-Up!

What Are You Waiting For?

This working virtual thing- we have an awesome co-working collaborative built just for entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators! Isn't working alone one of the things you're struggling with the most? Betcha didn't even know this existed... Good thing we made it just for you.


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