Corporate Productivity Program

Because productivity is rooted in emotion and you want your employees and sales staff to be as productive as possible

With burn-out being recognized in the recent revision of the International Classification of Diseases as an occupational phenomenon by the World Health Organization, it's more important than ever to understand what causes burn-out and how to provide a working environment, whether a physical or virtual one, that supports your staff emotionally- resulting in higher levels of recruitment, retainment, and staff productivity.

How We Can Help You Get Your Team Feeling Well So They Can Perform Well

Live Events

Live Events are a great way to recruit new team members, retain the team you have, or help your team grow, motivating them to achieve new and stronger goals.

We can host live online or in-person* :

Training Events


Lead Generation

Time Management/Organization

Work/Life Balance

Motivational Talks

Heal Your Productivity

The Connection Factor


Planning/Goal Setting

Time Management/Scheduling

Healthy Eating/Meal Planning

Networking Strategy Plan



Team Recruitment

Coach your recruitment staff to understand the psychology of sales professionals and how to create a nurturing supportive environment through live events, social media, and in-person connections that naturally brings new recruits to your door. 

Team Retention

Coach your management staff to understand the psychology of sales professionals and how to create a strong supportive and collaborative environment that challenges your team and holds them accountable in a way that feels fun and exciting and builds on their innate desire to grow and achieve their goals while also supporting a healthy home life balance. 


Team Coaching

The Limitless Collaborative is the perfect coaching/training program to keep your team feeling their best so they can perform at their best.

We Cover:


Healing Past Emotional Hurts


Time Management


Nutrition/Healthy Eating

Fitness/Healthy Movement

Financial Mastery

Marketing/Business Growth


How It Works

We work with you to co-create the ideal productivity program for your team

We'll look over the size of your team, the location of your staff, whether your team works in a brick & mortar environment, remotely, or a combination thereof, and we'll discuss what you feel your team is struggling with the most and where you would like to see the most improvement.

From there, you'll receive a customized proposal to include the services, programs, and frequency that make the most sense for your team. Upon approval, we'll help you introduce and roll-out your new corporate productivity program and begin to engage with your team directly. Monthly reports will be provided to gauge team involvement, accountability, and productivity improvement results.

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