Do High-Ticket Prices Equal Career Success?

ideal client pricing Jan 23, 2020

On your path to success have you ever run into someone who worked with elite clients and charged a ton of money for their service and thought... "man... THAT is success. I wish I had the confidence, ability, experience (whatever) to charge that much and work with those kinds of people."?

Because if you provide a service, there all kinds of levels of that service and we make an assumption that the highest priced is the highest quality, right?

While that certainly can be true, it isn't necessarily.

Have you ever purchased a $20 bottle of wine and have it taste way more amazing than the $100 bottle? I know I have and while that's a really basic and simple example, the same can potentially hold true for any product or service.

As a service provider, you have to ask yourself, who do you want to serve and why.

When I first started coaching, 17 years ago, my coaching package consisted of a 1 hour session every week for $100/month. No that's not a typo. I figured $25 per hour was...

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