Real Estate & Wonder Woman

ladies only Oct 14, 2018
Do you remember this lady? Of course you do! She's all over the movies lately and she is amazing! She was also my all-time hero when I was 5 years old. I remember running around the living room, aluminum foil wrapped around my wrists, jump rope at my side, hopping onto the sofa, dodging imaginary bullets, and thinking I would save the world. Wonder Woman was my idea of the perfect woman- the ultimate description of what it truly means to be feminine. She was smart, sexy, demure, professional, and then the ultimate bad-ass when trouble started brewing. Of course, what else would you expect from an Amazon Warrior Princess?
Wonder Woman would always have it together! She would never forget where she left the keys to her invisible plane, never go through the drive-through at McDonalds, never skip her work-out because she slept late, and never fail to catch the bad guy because well... frankly it was "that time of the month". 
Wonder Woman was always at the top of...
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Dress Like A Lady: Does "Sexy" Have A Place in Business Attire?

ladies only Oct 14, 2018
Paula McDonald wrote an incredible post on Active Rain about how a Realtor lost a client due to her cleavage. That brings up a seriously interesting topic: How should women dress when they want to be professional and taken seriously yet also feel sexy and feminine? While, as Paula (and many of her commenters) mentioned, many women seem to take sexy to the extreme nowadays and post their cleavage out on display the same as a fisherman would put a worm on a hook to lure and catch his prized fish. Is that truly sexy though? Is there anything about skirts that are too short or too tight, shirts with straining buttons or low cut "shelf" tops that appear attractive or do they simply scream, "LOOK AT ME!!!"?
Ladies, ask any man what he finds sexy about his partner/girlfriend/wife and he will invariably tell you something that does NOT involve how awesome her boobies look when they're hanging out of her top. It's much more likely to be something like the way she looks in the...
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