The Real Estate Marriage

As a Real Estate Coach, one of the biggest, most important issues my agents bring to me is problems in their marriage/romantic relationship. Real Estate, as an industry, has one of the highest rates of divorce. So, knowing that, what do you think are the major causes of divorce in a Real Estate marriage?

1. Time

Agents are constantly on the go. Often, they don't set boundaries with clients and so have no problem with answering the phone or dropping everything to meet a client, no matter what else they are in the middle of- a romantic dinner out, a memorable family event, their kid's big game, even sex. The agent sees every phone ring as a potential paycheck and yet the partner (and children, friends, etc.) see this as a blatant disregard for everything and everyone who should be more important to the agent than that stranger on the phone. Ironically, it's often the agents who don't set boundaries that are also the ones with inconsistent income and struggle to bring home the money...

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The Power of Suggestion

creating happiness Oct 14, 2018
I'm going to make this a short one...but wanted to put this out there just the same. 
With all the negativity out in the world today hitting us from every angle, let's face it, it's tough to keep ourselves from feeling anxiety, from being stressed out, from being worn down. Yet in spite of all of this, there are still people out there with big smiles, boundless energy, and they're selling real estate like crazy. 
How are they maintaining this glow around them? How are they keeping themselves so incredibly pumped up and excited? On the opposite end of this, there's people out there so unbelievably depressed they are actually shutting down their entire lives one little piece at a time. 
So... the question here is this: What is it that makes the happy people happy and the sad people sad? We're all in the same world, dealing with the same issues, hearing the same news reports... why the big difference?
It's all in the power of suggestion....
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Shift Your Working Environment

creating happiness Oct 14, 2018
Now that we have Fall pleasantly looming in front of us, it's the perfect time to take stock of our daily working habits. Today I am writing to you from the comfortable patio of a local cafe. Waking up early and getting to spend the morning outside in the sunshine with a latte and my laptop is an invigorating change of pace. After the hot Summer season in Florida, it's so nice to take advantage of the nicer weather.
So what I'm noticing is that I feel even more productive than usual. My mood is completely uplifted and it's nice to be doing something different. Even though essentially I'm doing the same thing, the location change makes all the difference.
As agents you have so much freedom in your working environment. Nobody is telling you that you have to be in an office with overhead fluorescent lighting or stuck inside your own four walls at home. Something I'm also thinking is that for you agents out there, working from an outdoor cafe or a...
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