Your Real Estate Career: Time For a Change Or Time to Bail?

career moves Oct 14, 2018
Recently, I was asked a question by an agent: “When do you know if you need a break or it's time for a real change?”. By digging a little deeper, I uncovered that she had been working harder than ever before in her career as an agent but with so few results she was beginning to think it was time to bail and get a steady paycheck kind of job. During the last shift, with the real estate nose dive and accompanying economic conditions, I saw many agents leave the business and even the industry all together, so this is not an issue I haven’t run into before. Yet, during the shift, I knew other agents who had their best year ever, in spite of everything that was happening. So how do you, as an agent, know which decision to make when you're facing the choice of changing things up or bailing out? 
Here's my advice... 
Ask yourself a few questions like:
  • Am I in touch with the latest ways of doing business or am I still plugging away with the...
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The Key To Lead Conversion

leads Oct 14, 2018
How many of you know where all your leads come from? Do you track them? Do you ask people how they heard about you? I've mentioned this before and I'll say it again now... ALWAYS know where your leads come from. That's STEP #1 in lead conversion. If you know where the leads are pouring in from, you know where to funnel your marketing efforts and dollars. Get rid of what doesn't work. Believe me... doing things just to appease your seller is a waste of money and telling them so will earn you their respect. 
Picture it like this: You're in the middle of a listing appointment and the seller asks you, "Will you put my home in the newspaper?". You know for a fact that putting their home in the newspaper will not generate a call and has not generated a call for you in the last several years. 
You have two options here: 
  1. Tell them that you will definitely put their home in the newspaper, spend the money, post the ad, knowing you'll never get a call from it but...
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Shift Your Working Environment

creating happiness Oct 14, 2018
Now that we have Fall pleasantly looming in front of us, it's the perfect time to take stock of our daily working habits. Today I am writing to you from the comfortable patio of a local cafe. Waking up early and getting to spend the morning outside in the sunshine with a latte and my laptop is an invigorating change of pace. After the hot Summer season in Florida, it's so nice to take advantage of the nicer weather.
So what I'm noticing is that I feel even more productive than usual. My mood is completely uplifted and it's nice to be doing something different. Even though essentially I'm doing the same thing, the location change makes all the difference.
As agents you have so much freedom in your working environment. Nobody is telling you that you have to be in an office with overhead fluorescent lighting or stuck inside your own four walls at home. Something I'm also thinking is that for you agents out there, working from an outdoor cafe or a...
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What Are You Saying Without Saying A Word?

networking Oct 14, 2018
We've all heard how important first impressions are but did you know you're making that first impression before you even open your mouth? This is the same with anyone you meet, not just buyers and sellers.
Next time you're meeting someone for the first time or even just seeing someone you've never seen before, take special notice of how you start forming opinions of them (albeit unconsciously) as soon as they catch your eye. The first few things you notice are appearance, motion, and energy. You'll notice how they're dressed, how their hair is styled, how they move through the room and if that's graceful, clumsy, or just average, whether or not they talk with their hands, the expression on their face, whether they seem happy, sad, ambivalent, angry, whether they're alone or mingling, etc. If you're at a networking event, you'll notice people before you meet them, and this opinion you form can make you decide whether or not you approach this person and introduce yourself.
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