The Power of Suggestion

creating happiness Oct 14, 2018
I'm going to make this a short one...but wanted to put this out there just the same. 
With all the negativity out in the world today hitting us from every angle, let's face it, it's tough to keep ourselves from feeling anxiety, from being stressed out, from being worn down. Yet in spite of all of this, there are still people out there with big smiles, boundless energy, and they're selling real estate like crazy. 
How are they maintaining this glow around them? How are they keeping themselves so incredibly pumped up and excited? On the opposite end of this, there's people out there so unbelievably depressed they are actually shutting down their entire lives one little piece at a time. 
So... the question here is this: What is it that makes the happy people happy and the sad people sad? We're all in the same world, dealing with the same issues, hearing the same news reports... why the big difference?
It's all in the power of suggestion. It's what we tell ourselves as we start our day, go through our day, and finish our day. We have the power to create happiness and be excited within ourselves. It doesn't seem possible but it really is THAT simple. Rather than go on and on about this... I want you to just try it. 
This week, I want you to feel good, do things for yourself that feel good, and say things to others that make them feel good. Your internal dialogue should be filled with positive. If you start thinking something negative, hit your internal delete key and rephrase it so it has a positive spin. For example... if you're at the grocery store and the person next to you in line coughs, don't think, "I hope I don't get sick" instead think, "I am strong and healthy and so thankful for being that way". 
Try it... seriously... it really does make all the world of difference and when you begin to key ALL your language in positive tones, you'll wake up one day and realize you've turned into one of those happy freaks that all the negative people love to hate (because they are all secretly jealous of you) ;)

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