The Cost of Doing Business

career moves Oct 14, 2018
When I first started out in the industry, I began as an assistant, working for the top agent in Orlando, and managing about 100 transactions at any given time (about half active and half pending). We had multiple closings every week. This was one agent, not a team. The problem I saw was the woman was wearing herself out... literally. She was constantly sick, overworked, exhausted, and not to mention completely out of shape and hadn't eaten a healthy meal in who knows how long. She had a ton of money coming in but absolutely no time or energy to enjoy it or, more importably, to enjoy her family. If she had simply taken some time to balance her life out, she could have done much better. Hiring some buyer's agents and listing agents as a team underneath her would have given her all the time she needed to become rested, healthy, and happy and she also would have been doing even more business because there would have been more people to manage all of it. With a team leader to stay on top of everyone, she would have been doing great. 
This is not an uncommon issue... I've seen this many times since and have seen what a difference balance can make. I've seen it improve well-being, improve earnings, and even improve family bonds. Balance (or the lack of it) DOES affect every single aspect of your life.
Another situation I run into a lot is the reckless spender. I've run into a ton of agents and even some brokers that get excited about every new thing out there and buy it or sign up before considering if they already have something just like it or if they even really need it. The thing is.... these are the ones who really just want to be constantly improving. Nothing at all wrong with that. Improvement is always a great thing but if you have to check your credit card statement to know what services you're paying might have a problem. Before you buy or sign up for anything, you need to ask yourself if it's actually going to do something for you and will that something be worth the expense. If it doesn't pay for itself and generate actual profit, forget about it and don't look back.
What I want everyone to do today is a "work-life make-over". I want the people of our industry to start working healthy and smart by creating balance in their lives. I want you to enjoy what you've built, enjoy the incredible and exciting career you've chosen, the people you work with, the money you earn, and the family you've had all along and/or have created along the way.
How do you get started?
With a Real Estate Mama Rescue Meeting of course! I’ve helped others get there and I can help you too. The first agent I ever worked with doubled her income the first year and reduced her working time so she was home with her kids every afternoon. You can do all that too ya know…

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