Keep Fighting

happiness motivation Nov 25, 2018

The other day, I sent out an email to my LinkedIn connections. This was an email written from my heart about a very difficult time in my life and how that experience motivated and inspired me to make a positive difference in the lives of others. It's the experience that put me on my path to integrative coaching and I felt the email was a powerful one. 

I received messages and emails thanking me for writing it and for sending it to them... that reading it had helped them and/or inspired them. But I also received emails from people who said some very negative things... telling me what a miserable person they think me to be, a complainer, a wallower, asking me why I thought they needed to read such garbage. 

I'll be honest with you... seeing those negative emails hurt. Yet, I am always reminded that my message is about overcoming pain, trauma, and sadness with hope, courage, and being inspired to keep growing, keep learning, and spreading love as far as one can. Yes, it hurts to see someone bash my sentiments, turn them into something they were never meant to be... But every moment I spend in deep conversation with one of my clients, every time we break through a barrier that has been holding them back, I know I'm making a positive difference in our world. I know I will keep fighting, keep putting myself out there, because there are people who need someone to help them turn that corner. There are people out there who are on their knees right now begging for support because they just can't do it alone any more. They are the ones I keep fighting for. 

So, my message to you today is to look at what you do, the thing you know you are meant to do, and look at all the people you serve and how you help them. No matter what anyone says negatively to you, no matter how many people beat you down for it. Get out there and KEEP DOING IT! There are people who need you and you are driven to do what you do for good reason. You ARE the change that we need in this world. Keep fighting... I will too. 


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