The Rocking Real Estate Mamas™ Coaching Program

Welcome to the only coaching program designed uniquely for the women of real estate who are struggling to build their business while also raising a family.

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The 2018 program has been AMAZING and we're so excited to launch our next one! Fill out your info below and we'll be sure to keep you updated with news about our 2019 program launch and start date this Fall!

Your Real Estate Mama-Centric Program

Real Estate Mom Life is no joke! That's why this program addresses all the bits and pieces that productivity coaching alone leaves out of the equation so you can build an amazing life that feels so awesome on the inside that your business success becomes a natural extension of that lifestyle. So if you'd like to work less hours, have more control over your time, have more energy to get through your day, have a better and sexier relationship with your partner, spend more quality time with your kids, and build a truly successful business along the way... Mama, you're in the right place! This 12 month program covers the 4 pillars of life and business in real estate- the areas of concentration we focus upon to create the life and business of your dreams!

Life Pillar 1

So you can make yourself a priority, reduce stress and chaos, and begin to get your life in order. This foundation sets the precedence for everything else and will make an immediate difference in your life and your level of productivity. In Loving You we address self care, organization, and time management.

Biz Pillar 1

Because leads are the backbone of every real estate business and where many new agents immediately run into trouble facing traditional training models of cold calls and begging friends for business. Learn the two types of lead gen styles today and how leads can naturally flow to you without effort. In Gathering Leads, we address seller lead gen, buyer lead gen, and networking & referrals.

Life Pillar 2

So you can clear the things that create the feeling of chaos in your life- specifically around your home and finances. This will bring a significant amount of peace and well-being. In Clutter Clearing, we address the clean routine, maintaining a clutter-free environment, and finance mastery for home and business.

Biz Pillar 2

Because it takes more than  just a lead to build a business. Marketing up-levels your game from "average real estate agent fighting for every lead" to a "real estate brand that consumers want to follow". You will also build the systems you need in place to be consistent in how you do business with each and every client. In Marketing, we address branding, listing marketing, social media marketing, and follow up systems. 

Life Pillar 3

So you can prepare your body to operate at peak level. This will boost not only your energy levels but also your immunity, so when everyone else is getting sick- you won't be. In Energy Build, we address food & eating, body movement, and stress management.

Biz Pillar 3

Because appointments are more than just "showing up". This is where we cover all things that bind your clients to YOU and prevents them from skipping on to the next agent they come across. In Appointments, we address listing appointments, buyer consults, and showings. 

Life Pillar 4

So you can truly enjoy a playful and fun relationship with your kids and also experience the flirty sexy relationship with your romantic partner that you did while you were dating. In Heart's Fulfillment, we address romantic partnerships, parenting without stress, and we will also have a bonus session just for single moms.

Biz Pillar 4

Because achieving goals requires a fortified plan, not just a vision board on your wall and a list on your New Year's resolution sheet. You'll also learn how to let go of your every day tasks and funnel them off to a solid assistant and other team members as you build and continue to grow your business. In Growth, we address hiring & delegating and planning for your year. 

VIP Jumpstart Session

We begin our program with a 3 hour VIP Jump Start Session where we will cover:

Defining Your Ideal Client

Determining Your Lead Gen Style

Beginning A Time Journal

We will also host two guest experts on the topics of working at home with kids and being present for your partner. 

Group & Private Coaching

On the 1st, 2nd, and 4th weeks of every month, we have a 90 minute group session. We have a new guest expert every 2nd week of the month. On the 3rd week of every month you have a 60 minute private session. All sessions are done via zoom live video feed and are recorded. Group session replays are posted to the program site and your recorded private session links are sent directly to you.

Extra One-On-One Sessions

Throughout the program there are specific assignments given that require some additional hand-holding. When those tasks are given out, you will also be given the opportunity to schedule a bonus private session to review that task together with your coach and go over any questions you have. Examples include the Ideal Client Identification Session and the Time Journal Analyzation Session in addition to others throughout the program period. 

Surprise Gifts

Who doesn't LOVE getting surprises in the mail?? Nobody! We all love getting presents and so being part of this program means getting surprise goodies in your mail box. From time to time, gifts are given to everyone in the program. Sometimes these are related to a particular module we're studying, sometimes they are rewards for winning a program contest,  and sometimes they are just something your coach thought would brighten your day.

Join the Wait List for the 2019 Rocking Real Estate Mamas™ Coaching Program

The 2018 program has been AMAZING and we're so excited to launch our next one! Fill out your info below and we'll be sure to keep you updated with news about our 2019 program launch and start date this Fall!


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