Private Integrative Coaching

Welcome To A New Era of Real Estate Coaching Where Agents Bring Their Subconscious Emotions & Conscious Behaviors Into Alignment, Creating A Successful, Sustainable Solution.

Clear Emotional Clutter

This is where we focus on removing the root cause of productivity blocks and internal chaos through self-care and forgiveness practices, learning to self-love, repairing relationships, and proper nutrition to restore your energy and health, all to bring joy and passion into your life.

Build Your Tribe

Learning who your ideal client is, how to best attract them naturally through relationship building, how to maintain those relationships easily, and build a business that supplies leads on auto-pilot in a simple and sustainable way, along with all the goods on growing your team.

Organize Your Life

Learn to manage your time so you can accomplish everything on your list and still have time for you, create new habits and routines and let go of the old ones that no longer serve you, and cultivate a home and office environment that really supports your new energy and growth.

Your Program Includes

60 Minute Sessions

4 sessions per month, done face-to-face over zoom video, fully recorded with private viewing link sent to you, along with session notes. 

VIP Days

3 VIP 1/2 Day Sessions, one at program start, one at the 6-month mark, and one at the 12-month mark. For deep dives to keep us focused. 

Full Access

My private clients have full access to me throughout their program period and are welcome to directly call, text, or email between sessions.

Our First Session

The first session we schedule is a VIP 1/2 Day where we spend 4 hours together, one-on-one, face-to-face on zoom, and sort through all the areas on the circle of life (pictured to your right). We determine where you are right now, where you want to be, and what we're going to work on to get you there. This session sets the stage for how we will be working together and what areas are the biggest priority. We also do a VIP 1/2 Day at the 6 month mark- to check in on our goals and see if anything needs to re-evaluated and the 12 month mark to go over everything we've worked on together, celebrate how far you've come, and determine next steps now that your program is complete. 

Is Private Integrative Coaching For You?

Schedule your Clutter Breakthrough Session now and spend 60 minutes with us to determine if working together privately is the right fit for you.


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